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Ayurvedic herbal supplements


Ayurvedic herbal supplements by Vaidya Sukumar Sardeshmukh

Follow given Steps for Placing Order. 下記からご注文方法をご覧いただけます

“If your payment is not sure through credit card, please contact us directly. do not send money twice. Cancellation is difficult in this system. Payback through international bank transmission need expensive handling cost for you.”クレジットカードを通じての送金ができたかどうか不確かな場合は2度目の送金をする前にメールでお問い合わせください。2度送金して一度めをキャンセルということが、システム上困難ですので、国際送金を通じての払い戻し作業が必要になり銀行手数料が高額になる恐れがあります。

Product Description

Payment Terms & Condition

  1. Considering the Covid-19 background, the company is not liable for any replacement of refund of given order its delayed, Lost, Damaged or Misplaced
  2. These are supplements made from pure and authentic herbs. No chemical synthetics are used
  3. Once the Ayurvedic Supplement will be couriered, same day tracking details will be shared
  4. Intake should be as per prescribed dosage
  5. Reselling of products is strictly prohibited
  6. The prescribed quantity of medicines will be indicated on the shipping label. (e.g. 180 tablets)
  7. Please contact us if you do not receive your order within two weeks after it is placed
  8. No refund policy
  9. Ingredient list will be added on the shipping label
  10. For any query or information, write to us at info@ayurvedgram.in and

Additional Information

Supplements Type

Ayurvedic Herbal supplements, Shatavari Kalpa, Ananta kalpa, Dige Plus, Balguti


For 4 Months, For 1 Month


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